MDE Early On Consultant Announcement

Announcement from Dr. Noel Kelty: 

I am excited to announce the hiring of Kelly Hurshe as a returning Education Consultant for the Early On program within the Michigan Department of Education (MDE). 


As many of you are aware, Ms. Hurshe was an Early On Consultant with MDE from 2012 until her medical leave in August 2019.  We are excited that Ms. Hurshe is regaining good health and has been hired to continue her duties at MDE supporting Early On.  We have restructured the Early On service areas in the attached document to reflect the ISDs that each Early On Consultant will be supporting, which includes the same service areas for each Early On Consultant as before Kelly’s absence. 


For those that do not know Ms. Hurshe, she comes with a breadth of experience within early intervention, preschool special education, and early childhood programs and services.  Ms. Hurshe has been a teacher, program coordinator, and consultant.  Ms. Hurshe has a Master’s degree in Educational Leadership and a Bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education and Early Childhood Education.  Her passion and knowledge make her a valuable asset to the Early On work.

Ms. Hurshe's email address is  Please note, this is a new email address for Ms. Hurshe, so please contact her at this email address.  Ms. Hurshe’s first day at MDE is Monday, February 22.  Please feel free to welcome her back to her position at MDE. 

Posted: February 19, 2021