Clinton County RESA Innovative Projects Staff

Christy Callahan, M.A., Director

Phone: (866)334-5437

Jeanne Heckman, General Secretary

Phone: (517)668-0185 Ext. 252

Criss Hickey, IMH-E®, Statewide Trainer and Technical Assistance Specialist

Phone: (866)334-5437

Kari Holmberg, Early On Center for Higher Ed. Coordinator

Phone: (989)330-6319

Karmen Hungerford, Administrative Assistant

Phone: (517)668-0185 Ext. 2514

Jenny Koenigsknecht, Public Awareness Specialist

Phone: (517)668-0185 Ext. 2516

Terry Kolhoff, Referral Clerk

Phone: (517)668-0185 Ext. 250

Mark Kuipers, M.A., Preschool Special Education Content Specialist

Phone: (866)334-5437

Daniel Muliett, Multimedia Specialist

About Daniel:

Dan has been with Innovative Projects since 2002 and serves as our Multimedia Technology Specialist.  He has developed many of our websites including this one. He also manages the Michigan Preschool website which is used as a GSRP and Head Start collaborative enrollment tool for several service areas in Michigan.

Phone: (517)668-0185

Jorri Novak, M.A., CCC-SLP, Early Intervention Professional Development Consultant

Phone: (517)668-0185

Gary Schafer, Accountant

Phone: (517)668-0185 Ext. 234

Bonnie Smith, Referral Clerk

Phone: (517)668-0185

Nancy Surbrook Goins, M.A., CFRM, Training and Technical Assistance Manager

Phone: (517)668-0185

Jean Wassenaar, IMH-E®, Statewide Trainer and Technical Assistance Specialist

Phone: (517)668-0185