Online Trainings

Essentials of Early On

Early On 101: Essentials of Early On

This training will provide participants with a basic understanding of Early On.  The history and philosophy of Early On will be explored.  The Early On process from referral through transition will be reviewed.  Additional topics to be addressed will include:  Service Coordination, State Performance Plan Indicators, Early On administration and Early On resources. Duration: 37 minutes

Facilitating Smooth and Effective Transitions: Essentials of Early On

Facilitating Smooth and Effective Transitions: Supporting Families and Children as They Transition from Early On® at Age Three will assist participants with an understanding of the transition process.  Topics covered in this module include:  the transition plan IFSP meeting, required content of a transition plan, the transition conference meeting, and preparing the child and family for effectively transitioning out of Early On to the next program or appropriate... More

Foundations for Early Intervention: Essentials of Early On

This module will provide an overview of foundational elements of early intervention.  It's divided into three chapters: Empathetic Communication Child Development Effective Home Visiting Duration: 1 hour 20 minutes

IFSP Process: Essentials of Early On

This training is a broad overview of the IFSP process from pre referral to transition.  There will be opportunity to review your local service area process and documentation. Duration: 1 hour 30 minutes

Procedural Safeguards: Essentials of Early On

This online training addresses Procedural Safeguards that are required in Early On with emphasis placed on the areas pertaining to the protection of the rights of the child and family throughout the Individualized Family Service Plan process. These areas relate specifically to: confidentiality of child and family records; written notice and native language; consent (parents are fully informed of all information relevant to the activity for which consent is sought); and resolution of disagreement... More

Online Training

Administrator Preparation for Supervision of IDEA Part C Programs and Services

This course provides a series of five learning modules to increase knowledge, skills, and beliefs of leadership roles for IDEA Part C services in Michigan. Developed for early intervention leadership personnel preparation programs and for early intervention administrators of Early On Michigan programs and services. These professional learning modules were produced and distributed through an IDEA Mandated Activities Project, Support to the Early On Field, awarded by the Michi... More

All Together: Caring for Children with Delays and Disabilities (Arabic)

تمت ترجمة الوحدات إلى اللغة العربية. بالنسبة لهذه الصفحة، يرجى است�®دام ميزة ترجمة جوجل في الزاوية اليمنى العليا من هذه الصفحة This training is a series of four online modules to support the early childhood workforce to have access to resources and strategies for young children with disabilities in their care.

All Together: Caring for Children with Delays and Disabilities (English)

This training is a series of four online modules to support the early childhood workforce to have access to resources and strategies for young children with disabilities in their care. 

Child Outcomes Summary (COS) Process Online Module

The Early Childhood Technical Assistance (ECTA) Center and The Center for IDEA Early Childhood Data Systems (DaSy) developed an online learning module that provides key information about the Child Outcomes Summary (COS) process, and the practices that contribute to consistent and meaningful COS decision-making. This online module is designed for Early On and Preschool Special Education and it is suggested that participants complete this module before attending a face to face Birth to Five Child ... More

Early On Family Outcomes

This video describes the importance of supporting families, collecting data on family outcomes, and using the data to improve the program.  Using family data collected by the U.S. Department of Education's Office of Special Education's Part C/Early Intervention Program as an example, this video highlights how three families who received early intervention benefitted from support to their family. This video was produced by Larry Edelman (2017). Supporting Children By Improving Family O... More

IDA Module 1

Each module (1, 2, and 3) must be completed and done in order for successful completion.  Payment is collected before beginning Module 1 Online Training. The IDA (Infant/Toddler Developmental Assessment) builds a graphic portrait of a child's strengths and concerns in eight developmental domains. This tool involves parents as partners in all aspects of the assessment. At the end of the on-line training (Module 1), the interactive Zoom training (Module 2), and the completion of th... More

Integrating Child Outcomes for Early On and Early Childhood Special Education

Clinton County RESA Office of Innovative Projects (OIP) and Edupaths have worked together to create this online, self-paced module. This self-paced module reviews the Child Outcomes Summary (COS) process and introduces you to the powerful concept of integrating these outcomes into the development of meaningful IFSPs and IEPs. This integration will assist providers to partner with families to serve the needs of children with clear and measurable goals. Online Training: This online module is offe... More

Supporting Family-Centered Practice in Training Speech-Language Pathologists

This course provides participants with an overview of supporting family-centered practice in training speech-language pathologists who are interested in working in Early Intervention. The course was developed both for graduate students in speech-language pathology programs interested in learning more about working with Early Intervention Populations and speech-language pathologists who are working with Early Intervention Populations and are interested in providing internship experiences for grad... More

The Many Facets of Service Coordination

Service Coordinators are the tour guides for families in their journey through Early On. It is their responsibility to work with families so that they move from one point in the process to another in a timely manner and fully inform them of all of their options along the way.  Through this online training participants will learn the Recommended Knowledge and Skills for Service Coordination as detailed in the guidance document created by the National Service Coordination Leadership Workgroup... More

Todos juntos: cuidando a niños con retrasos y discapacidades (Spanish)

Esta capacitación es una serie de cuatro módulos en línea para ayudar a los trabajadores de la primera infancia a tener accesos a recursos y estrategias para niños pequeños con discapacidades bajo su cuidado.

What is MI-AIMH Endorsement?

An overview of the MI-AIMH endorsement process provided by Joni Zieldorff, MI-AIMH Endorsement Coordinator