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    • icon Coaching: The Essential Innovation in Early Childhood Education (PDF) - Posted:10/30/2019
    • Using coaching as an effective form of professional development from a New York State model.

    • Evidence-Based Professional Development Procedures
    • This module, provided by the Early Childhood Technical Assistance (ECTA) Center, describes procedures that you can use with early childhood providers as you help them use any type of early childhood intervention practice. The module is split into 2 parts to give you time to reflect on this process.

      The professional development procedures include seven steps to provide training to adult learners including early childhood practitioners. The seven steps are:

      1. Introduce a practice to Early Childhood practitioners
      2. Illustrate or demonstrate the use of the practice to the practitioners
      3. Engage with practitioners in the use of the practice
      4. Facilitate practitioners' self-evaluation of their experience using the practice
      5. Facilitate practitioners' reflection on their understanding of the practice
      6. Facilitate practitioner self-assessment of their mastery using the practice
      7. Provide ongoing supports and learning opportunities to practitioners to perfect their use of the practice

      Evidence-Based Professional Development Procedures

      Part 1 (24 minutes)

      Part 2 (16 minutes)


      When you have completed both modules, we would appreciate your feedback!