Virtual Using the PICCOLO with families to guide interventions and treatment approaches - FULL


June 20, 2022


Training is from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM


No Fee


There will be a Virtual PICCOLO Training on June 14, 2022 that you can attend to prepare you for this training.

This training takes the use of the PICCOLO to that next level as we will discuss how to enhance your use of the PICCOLO with families.

Training will include:

  • how to introduce use of the PICCOLO with families
  • ways to process PICCOLO feedback with families
  • developing intervention strategies using PICCOLO results through the Bridging technique
  • using the PICCOLO to evaluate and document treatment progress over time
  • using the PICCOLO to evaluate and document program outcomes

Training requirements:

You MUST have attended a full day of PICCOLO training already which explained how to use and score. This training is an ADVANCED training for those ALREADY trained in the PICCOLO on taking the use to the next level.

Any questions, please contact Mary Mackrain at  or Julie Helmer at

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Julie Helmer
Becca Wheeler

Deadline Passed:

The registration deadline for this event has passed.