Community Conditions and Children's Well-being Webinar


May 14, 2020


Training is from 10:30 AM to 11:30 AM


No Fee


A family’s economic security and access to societal resources is important to support the development of a growing child’s brain and body. Economic security can be defined in a variety of ways and differ based on the program a family is trying to access. 

What does employment and income look like in Michigan? What’s the significance of 100% vs 180% of the federal poverty level? How else can we support families—and who are they? All those answers and more will be covered in this Kids Count Community Conditions and Children’s Well-being Webinar for Great Start Collaboratives, including a look at data that is uniquely available to the Great Start Collaboratives.   

Please register for this webinar at this link.


Parker James, Kids Count Analyst
Kelsey Perdue, MLPP
Nancy Surbrook Goins, Moderator