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The Early On® Center for Higher Education, an Innovative Project of Clinton County RESA, is Michigan's new pre-service initiative to support the development of highly qualified early intervention personnel to work with infants and toddlers, birth to three with disabilities and/or special needs, and their families. The Early On Center will work with faculty to strengthen learning experiences for 2-year and 4-year college students so they are knowledgeable of Early On® Michigan and competent in their future work with families of infants and toddlers.

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February 2019

Coursework Connections - Engaging in Evidence-Based Pedagogy: Our Behavior Matters - Webinar
February 11, 2019

COURSEWORK CONNECTIONS 2/11/19 from 1:00 - 2:00 pm EST  Check out The Early On Center for Higher Education's new webinar learning forum for faculty to share research, literature, videos, syllabi, and pedagogy for use in their early intervention coursework. Join us for our 1st Coursework Connection with presenter, Katie Strong, Assistant Professor, Communication Sciences and Disorders, Central Michigan University. Engaging in Evidence-Based Pedagogy: Our Behavior Matters &nbs... More

June 2019

EO Center Webinar - Competencies for Practitioners Working with Babies with Delays and Disabilities and their Families – the KiDS-WITS Framework
June 18, 2019

Participants will learn about a framework for preparing the early intervention workforce, including the knowledge, dispositions, and skills needed. This framework can be used to align course and training content to learning goals and student outcomes. Participants will also learn about a tool for assessing pre-service practitioners’ competencies (knowledge, dispositions, and skills) and evaluating learning outcomes. The session will be interactive, and participants will be invited to consi... More

August 2019

EO Center - Coursework Connections Webinar - Supporting Students’ Mental Health and Reflection Skills: Using Mindfulness as a Pedagogy
August 06, 2019

Supporting Students’ Mental Health and Reflection Skills: Using Mindfulness as a Pedagogy  Kalli Decker, PhD, Assistant Professor of Early Childhood Education & Child Services, Montana State University   Many of the preservice students in our courses will go on to do amazing work with children and families. But at the same time, they will be at risk for experiencing high levels of stress which can (and too often does) lead to burnout. This session will focus on one way to ... More

September 2019

The Journey from ZS to BK: Early Childhood Endorsement Revision
September 19, 2019

MDE Update: B-K Early Childhood Certification Gina Garner, Higher Education Consultant, Education Preparation Unit, Office of Educator ExcellenceNoel Kelty, Early On Manager/Part C Coordinator, Office of Great Start Since 2015, the MDE has collaborated with stakeholders from across Michigan to build a students-first teacher preparation and certification system that prepares effective educators to use differentiated supports to meet the needs of the whole child. Central to this work ha... More