2019 System Updates

Early On® System Updates are intended to enhance Early On's effectiveness through policy updates of its administrators, Early On Coordinators. System Updates are scheduled throughout the year, either in four locations throughout the state, or via teleconference/webinar.

Please feel welcome to attend any of the System Updates, at a time and date most convenient to you. This will provide an opportunity to network with others and learn how Early On is implemented throughout the state.

January 2019

Conversation with Rachel Harmon on the New MiEncrypt Process for Early On Referrals
January 22, 2019

In December 2018, MDHHS implemented the MiEncrypt process to ensure confidentiality of referral information. The will be a conversation with Rachel Harmon, MDHHS Early On Consultant/Departmental Analyst about  how the new process is working, ask questions, share experiences and ‘a-ha’ moments. Webinar Connection: This webinar is a phone and computer based event, with a PowerPoint Presentation.  Some browsers will need a plug-in in order to view the content.&nbs... More

February 2019

Early On Data Webinar
February 21, 2019

This System Update will cover the following topics: Results of Fall 2018 MSDS Collection Release of Fall 2018 Data Profiles at www.earlyondata.com Explanation of Catamaran Compliance Indicator Findings from School Year 2017-18 Targeted Emails from Fall 2018 MSDS Collection Contents of Data Profiles and Rankings Tips for Spring 2019 MSDS Collection This webinar is being recorded and will be posted in "News and Notes" at a later date.

June 2019

Early On Data Webinar
June 20, 2019

This Data Webinar will cover the following topics: MSDS Spring 2019 collection data Review contents of www.earlyondata.com Year End Collection Expected changes for next fall's MSDS collection Targeted Emails of correctable errors from indicators 7 and 8 This webinar is being recorded and will be posted in "News and Notes" at a later date.