I'm Not a Social Worker: Why am I Expected to be One

Providers who work with families in early intervention sometimes feel unprepared or challenged in dealing with the range of issues faced by today's families. This training provides opportunities to strengthen skills and insights (often referred to as social work or counseling skills) such as active listening, dealing with strong feelings, and effective ways to support families who are experiencing trauma or challenging situations. Topics include: coaching families; the impact of emotional labor on providers; use of reframing, perspective taking, empathetic communication, responding to feelings, and self-care. Learning will take place through a series of guided exercises, using real life situations; reflection activities; and practicing evidence based communication strategies to use in working with families. This training is targeting for social workers and non-social workers and all providers who work in early intervention.

There are no I'm Not a Social Worker: Why am I Expected to be One trainings scheduled at this time.


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