Conversation with Rachel Harmon on the New MiEncrypt Process for Early On Referrals

January 22, 2019
Training is from 10:00am to 11:00am.
No Fee

In December 2018, MDHHS implemented the MiEncrypt process to ensure confidentiality of referral information. The will be a conversation with Rachel Harmon, MDHHS Early On Consultant/Departmental Analyst about  how the new process is working, ask questions, share experiences and ‘a-ha’ moments.

Webinar Connection:

This webinar is a phone and computer based event, with a PowerPoint Presentation.  Some browsers will need a plug-in in order to view the content.  Please test your connection prior to the webinar to ensure that you are prepared!

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If you have problems connecting to the webinar please call (866) 334-5437. This webinar is being recorded and will be posted in "News and Notes" at a later date.

Rachel Harmon, MDHHS Early On Consultant/Departmental Analyst


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