Up and Away: Building Child Language, Social Interaction, and preliteracy Skills in Early Childhood Settings

November 29, 2018
No Fee

This webinar will focus on strategies to help children use more complex sentences and vocabulary with their caregivers and peers. Children learn through daily routines and play, but as they grow and explore early education settings, their social worlds expand. Opportunities abound for children to learn as they take turns peeking at the classroom guinea pig, pretend to be police officers on a chase, and read books with a favorite caregiver. We will cover strategies to support growth in language, social communication, and early literacy skills by engaging children in meaningful, everyday activities in early care settings. 

One SCECH will be provided for this training.

Event Location

How to Join: To join the webinar use the 'Event Location' link above and follow all directions within this site. The webinar is hosted by the All Partners Access Network (APAN) but will also be available through YouTube Live. By using APAN attendees will be able to participate with the presenter and other audience members. For a broadcast only webinar, participants have the option of connecting via YouTube Live.



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