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This website is dedicated to the Early On Michigan redesign process.

On November 19, 2004, the Governor’s State Interagency Coordinating Council for Handicapped Infants and Toddlers (SICC) voted to enter into a redesign of the Early On (Part C of IDEA) system for Michigan. The vote was based upon input from multiple sources and stakeholder groups that uniformly indicated a need to closely examine and redesign the current Part C system. The SICC also recognized the significant changes to Michigan’s early childhood system and services since the inception of Early On in 1993, as well as the increasing focus on achieving meaningful results for children and families enrolled in Early On. The SICC charged the State Interagency Team (with representation from the Michigan Departments of Education, Community Health, Human Services [formerly FIA], and parents) to draft a process to guide the redesign.

On February 18, 2005, the SICC voted to adopt the proposed process, marking the beginning of the redesign effort.

For more information, or to comment on Early On redesign, contact earlyonredesign@michigan.gov.

June, 2007 The Final Report for the Early On Fiscal Study, conducted for Redesign Step 3 Identify the Funding Pool, has been posted for your information.

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